The endless variety of street food in Taiwan reveals the Taiwanese’s love for snacking and casual dining that Singapore foodies can most definitely identify with. With the popularity of Taiwan’s night markets amongst international tourists, eating streets snacks from Shilin Night Market (士林夜市) have become popular not just for knick-knacks but also for authentic Taiwanese street food (台湾小吃). Coupling the top favourite Taiwanese street delicacies with trendy desserts, Creative Eateries embarks on a bold dining concept called Eat at Taipei that emulates the many fascinating characteristics of Taiwanese street food subculture.

Eat at Taipei offers a variety of classic Taiwan favourites such as Oyster & Pork Intestines Mee Sua (大肠蚵仔面线), Egg Fried Rice with Chicken Chop (鸡扒蛋炒饭), and Canadian Pork Belly Stew (加拿大猪卤五花). Further excite your taste buds with the latest additions to the Taiwan Street Snacks section, from the savoury Deep-fried Sweet Potatoes to the juicy Kong Bak Pau.

Pairing these Taiwanese delights are the quintessential beverages and desserts, from the all-new Yogurt Smoothie series (酸奶冰沙系列) to the specially curated desserts, the sweet indulgences will have you coming back for more.