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If we have a property, be it a home, commercial premises, or land, and want to obtain profitability, we often think about managing it on our own at first.

Current state of the market:

Real estate agents know where the market is and where it is going by being in direct contact with buyers, sellers and banks. 


Industry knowledge

Real estate agents are market experts and have in-depth knowledge of the industry in which they work. They will advise us throughout the process.

Guide in setting the price

Thanks to their knowledge of the market and the area in which they operate, real estate agents will advise us on the market price of a property.

Documentation assistance

One of the most complicated aspects when selling or renting a property is the management of the required documentation, such as the Property Registry, the notary, banks, and the energy certificate.

Key Aspects Of Real Estate Customer Service.

To achieve effective customer service from the real estate agency, there are two fundamental areas to take into account:

The forms of communication established with the real estate client.

The modalities of customer service of the real estate agency.

Given the extension that the development of such concepts requires to achieve an efficient explanation, we will begin by addressing the forms of communication established with the real estate client to analyze the fundamental aspects of the communication channels with the client in the following paper.

Our performance

Real estate Performance

Happy Client

Better information

Real estate agents can also carry out all the necessary diligence for you to evaluate a potential landlord or buyer.

Intermediation with buyers or tenants

Intermediation is essential when selling or renting a property.


Many people believe hiring a real estate agency is expensive due to the fees charged. However, these fees vary by location and the specific agency.

Marketing and advertising

Real estate agencies help us promote our property through their web pages, social networks or word of mouth from their contacts.


True personal service is what will differentiate your brand. Seek to achieve a true rapprochement with your client.

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01 Service

Prices adjusted to customer needs

Real Estate Agent

If you are going to buy a new launch in Singapore, the real estate agent advises you and locates the options that best suit your needs and budget. For instance, they might suggest new launches considering both your financial constraints and the benefits offered by the area where the newly launch condominium is located.

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02 Service

Greater housing option

Real Estate Advisor

You can locate the house you want to buy on your own, but with the help of a real estate advisor, the range of options increases, and these will be adjusted to your budget.

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03 Service

Safe trading

Real Estate Expert

The presence of a real estate agent in purchasing your house gives a higher level to said negotiation, as a real estate expert carries it out.

Our customer service policy

A company’s clients must be served professionally regardless of the investment they make, and an effective customer service policy must contain elements above any area or business model.

The real estate agency cannot afford to serve its clients professionally just because they invest significant sums of money; an effective customer service policy is useful for any company regardless of its product or service.

The real estate agency cannot afford to serve its clients professionally just because they invest significant sums of money; an effective customer service policy is useful for any company regardless of its product or service.

Even a real estate agency client who ultimately does not decide to buy a home can be a generator of positive synergies for the company simply by having been treated correctly, and there are hundreds of cases like this to analyze.

Even if he does not buy a home, the real estate client can serve as a link to bring another client to the company, and he can eventually become a buyer client.

In any case, the real estate agency, in addition to implementing a solid customer service policy, must also use a premise at an organizational level: “No real estate client should ever be underestimated, and all clients must be treated with the same professionalism.”.

The Greeting To Establish The Primary Link.

The client must feel welcome in the real estate agency, and they should not be made to feel like one more or treated with indifference.

The greeting is the first contact by the client with the real estate agency. This must be cordial and close on the part of the real estate agency member without being excessive in its content or intention.

How To Talk To A Real Estate Client.

The words and phrases used are decisive, and all of them, in one way or another, will have an unconscious effect on the real estate agency client.

Every action causes a reaction, and words become action when uttered. The key point is to anticipate the response they will provoke in the real estate client.

You must always transmit certain values ​​to the real estate client, such as professionalism, seriousness, and commitment.

The emotional state in customer service.

Internal representative states play a very important role when a verbal interaction occurs, and the client and the person in charge of serving them in the real estate agency will be conditioned by them.

When serving a real estate client, it is advisable to dissociate from emotions and keep in mind that the client is not responsible for the personal or organizational problems of the real estate agency.

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